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Top tips on improving the efficiency of your wood-burning stove

(April 14, 2013)

Top tips on improving the efficiency of your wood-burning stove…


So you have just installed your wood-burning stove… Brilliant.  But before you go barrelling in there, we recommend you read these top tips on ensuring your stove is burning as efficiently as possible.

1. Using Dry Kindling Use dry kindling to light your stove

Using dry kindling to light your stove ensures that the firebox heats quickly.

2. Use seasoned wood
Logs burn much more efficiently when they have been seasoned.  This means that they have been dried for at least a year to reduce moisture levels (typically 15-25% moisture).

3. Open the vents when lighting your stove
Open the vents when lighting your stove this is incremental to the performance of your stove.  Fire requires oxygen to get going, so this is something you should never forget.

4. Close the bottom air vent once the stove is going
When the logs are burning, close the primary vent (located at the bottom of the stove).  This will ensure a steadier burn.

5. Don’t reload your stove until the logs have burnt down
…Although your wood burning stove looks its best with billowing flames around the logs, you should refrain from over-loading your stove.  When logs are burning without an attractive flame, they are still heating the stove and the room, so it is recommended that you wait until the wood is reduced to embers before placing more logs inside.

6. Remove your ashes

Only a thin bed of ashes is required to help your stove burn efficiently, so remove all excess ash to ensure that the airflow does not get blocked.

7. Sweep your chimney
A clear chimney is vital to the health of your stove.  Ensure that you employ the services of a professional chimney sweep at least once or twice per year.

8. Improve your insulation

Installing proper insulation in your home will make a huge difference in keeping the heat your stove creates safely inside your home.

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