About The VacuumSweep

We're a family run business Est 1959 Father Jim & Simon Morton.
We cover a large area in Wiltshire & Hampshire mainly around Salisbury and we offer a friendly professional service.
With chimneys today being pretty much a "lost art" due to fires not as widely used over the last few decades, we're here not only sweeping chimneys but to advise and educate the customer to keep them safe.
Feel free to email us with any questions you have about your chimney "local or otherwise" and we will be more than happy to respond soon as we get time.
Modern chimney sweeping is an efficient and clean process,
this means eliminating the build-up soot from coal, wood, oil and gas fired systems.

It means clearing obstructions such as bird's and animal's nests,
leaves and building debris, even cobwebs etc.

Be safe. Get swept!

Protect yourself and your home from dangerous gas leakage, soot fall and chimney fire. Have your chimney safety checked and swept as often as recommended by the Solid Fuel Association.

 Appliance fuel type
 Sweeping frequency
 Smokeless Fuel Once yearly
 Coal Twice yearly
when in use
Once yearly
if designed for chimney sweeping
 Oil Once Yearly

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                                               The VacuumSweep
                                          Est 1959

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